Premier Security Services for Your Events

Parties, entertainment venues, promotional events, television and movie filming, corporate meetings—you name it, and we’ll secure it for you. And we make it easy! Your dedicated security services coordinator will handle everything. To hire your event security guards for your peace of mind and guest services, call (678) 250-4187 or click here to request a quote.

Feel Secure With Legion Security Guard Services

There’s one thing nobody needs in the midst of planning, promoting, and staging a large or small private party or event—one more thing to worry about.

The job is complicated enough without having to fret about theft, guest services, traffic control, and event security guards who don’t measure up. Maybe you have seen unprofessional, poorly trained, or inefficient event security guards at other events, and you know too well the complications they can cause.

That is why Legion Security Guard Services stands ready to take all of those event security worries off of your shoulders with our elite corps of event security guards. They are licensed, highly trained, fully insured, absolutely reliable, and surprisingly affordable.

Legion Security Guard Services knows that there is something very special about your event, and we believe there should be something very special about your event security, too.

Whether it is a corporate meeting, a party, an entertainment venue, a promotional event, or anything else you have in the works, your activity requires a rare breed of event security guards who can bring a blend of guest service, experience, judgment, sensitivity, efficiency, and professionalism that you expect and your guests deserve.

You name it, and we’ll secure it for you. And we make it easy!

Call us at (678) 250-4187 to learn more information. You may also reach out to us to request a proposal.

Eliminate Your Worries About Party and Event Security

We make it simple and straightforward for you. As soon as you become a Legion Security Guard Services client, you will be assigned a dedicated security coordinator who will handle all of the details and arrange the security guard services for all of your events, in any number of venues, wherever they are located.

One call. It’s that simple to ensure that you will have top-quality event security guards every time you need them, even if you produce multiple events at multiple locations.

Here is a sample of the event security services we offer:

  • Corporate Event Security
  • Neighborhood Event Security
  • Personal Party Security Guards/Guest Services
  • Special Events Security
  • Sporting Event Security
  • Television/Movie Set Security
  • Traffic Security

Call us at (678) 250-4187 us to learn more. You can also contact us to request a proposal.